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Fashion | Trending: Tartan

Where is this coming from?!

I knew Fall 2012 would be a season of prints, but Tartan, really?! There are so many ways to go wrong with this one. Mini skirts, hats, socks, Theres a fine line between very cool and really old school.

To play safe I would opt for a green, blue or anything-but-red tartan print and avoid all whiskey. The best way to go with this trend is to wear a big piece and combine it with something modern. Take Andy from Style Scrapbook for example: tartan pants combined with a T-shirt with some big pop-art-like letters. Or the beautiful Paulien from Polienne: Tartan blazer (a must-have that could almost convince me to like tartan) combined with some bright colours and rock n roll -ish ankle boots. And then last but not least, a person who looks good with pretty much anything and yet is one of my favourite stylists: Columbine, rocking red tartan in a very old but probably by now very famous scarf.

I could see a total tartan look on some really fashionable people, but only during fashion week to make a statement. or as PJs. I totally want tartan PJs now.

By the way, today its crazy Thursday again. (For some reason every Thursday of the past ten-something weeks has been crazy, while all other days are pretty chill.) Today its press day in Brussels and tonight its the Emporio Armani new boutique opening. Crazy but cool, thats for sure.

Have a nice day!

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