The White Studio | Shoes | MANGO Leopard flats
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Shoes | MANGO Leopard flats

Leopard and Leather Love.

What Im about to tell you is simply because Im so happy you took the time to visit my blog and read what I have to say.

Theres something called a Mango Outlet online! Oh, you already knew that? In that case, skip to the next alinea, look at my new leopard flats an there you have it. In case you didnt, here you go. Discounts for everyone!

You like my new flats?

This week the Press Day madness hits Brussels and I cant wait to visit my favourite PR agencies. Thursday, the day all of them open their doors, is going to be wild. Closing the day with the opening of a new Emporio Armani boutique, Im already sure Thursday is going to be my favourite day of the whole month. You can follow me on Instagram (@thewhitestudio) to get some real life action. See you there!

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